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Turn to our disability center in Atlantic County, NJ

Living with a disability can sometimes seem overwhelming. There are many individual and societal factors that prevent you from living the life you want. Circumstances can be out of your control, but Atlantic Center for Independent Living, Inc puts the power back in your hands.

Our Atlantic County, NJ disability center provides a wide variety of independent living services for our local community. You'll benefit from individual support, and your peers in similar circumstances will also benefit. We'll act as your disability advocates.

Find out how we can serve you

Looking to develop practical skills and receive individual support? We're proud to provide independent living services like:

  • Disability services: Need help with life skills or personal advocacy? We're ready to help you take on the challenges you face.
  • Transition services for young adults: Our team will help you transition through this important phase of your life.
  • Peer support groups: No one should have to struggle alone. Choose the right support group for your individual circumstances.

If you're looking to learn life skills or navigate a unique set of difficulties, reach out to us today at (609)748-2253.

Why you should choose Atlantic Center for Independent Living, Inc.

Our disability center stands ready to help you navigate difficult circumstances. We're committed to:

Working with people of all ages and disabilities
Employing staff with personal and lived experience with disabilities
Community-based non-profit funded through the state of New Jersy

Reach out today to see how we can be of assistance.