Information and Referrals

Get Immediate Assistance in Difficult Times

Explore our referral resources in Atlantic County, NJ

Advocating for your needs can be a challenge. Luckily, Atlantic Center for Independent Living, Inc has made advocacy easier for residents of the Atlantic County, NJ area.

This page features referral resources that can help you find stable housing, insurance and emotional support, to name just a few things you need to be independent. Let us know if you need additional resources - we partner with numerous community organizations to support people with disabilities.

Atlantic Center for Independent Living exists to help people with disabilities live and work with minimal assistance. We strive to...

  • Respond quickly to requests for referral resources
  • Help everyone, regardless of the situation
  • Set realistic expectations

To learn how we provide advocacy services in the Atlantic County, NJ area, please send us a message.

Happy Senior Woman in a Wheel Chair